Dawson James adds value to a company’s operations or landmark projects, in either an advisory capacity or through direct management.

In addition to budget reporting, planning and management, Dawson James assists in:

  • How an organisation is engineered.

  • What kind of attitudes and culture are held for the work and clients.

  • How a project can be negotiated and managed through approval and implementation phases.

  • Whether assets are performing as they should.

  • Whether companies are working with stakeholders in the most effective way.

Dawson James matches its focus to the needs of the organisation from overall structure and systems to a single underperforming asset or project.

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By taking a strategic focus, Dawson James takes a holistic approach to provide sustainable solutions.

  • Strategies to implement projects.
  • Strategies for change management and cultural change
  • Strategies to seek policy change or amendment.
  • Strategies for stakeholder engagement.



Dawson James helps organisations achieve an efficient corporate structure and the right planning and project management approaches without the overheads and resourcing demands of bigger organisations.

  • Corporate structure review and implementation
  • Management structure review and implementation
  • Project structure review and implementation
  • Project and task planning
  • Restructure



Dawson James starts by looking at realistic, sensible and affordable solutions – rather than processes – required to improve performance.

  • Issue resolution
  • Project recovery
  • Asset realisation
  • Negotiating solutions

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