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Building the city’s future

Source: Illawarra Mercury – Weekender

Date: 22/11/2014

It’s an exciting road ahead for Wollongong, according to Angus Dawson, but it’s not without its bumps and potholes, he tells LOUISE TURK.


The ex-senior government executive moved to the Illawarra in 2011 to set up house with wife Allison Dawson (formerly Bolt), well-known in Wollongong as a successful restaurateur and daughter of the much-loved and now retired paediatrician Dr Allen James.

Dawson hailed from Sydney and from a succession of high-profile and challenging jobs in which he oversaw the implementation of multibillion-dollar building projects.

As general manager of the Honeysuckle Development Corporation from 1998 to 2005, Dawson fronted an organisation charged with turning Newcastle’s derelict industrial waterfront into a thriving part of the city.

During Dawson’s tenure, the Honeysuckle team secured the sale of land and development of more than 40 sites, worth more than $700 million, including a hotel, offices, retail and residential development.

He was then poached by the NSW government in late 2005 to take on the role of chief executive of the Growth Centres Commission, charged with co-ordinating $8 billion of infrastructure and planning 181,000 new homes in western Sydney for the next 40 years.

Dawson left that job in early 2009 to become the NSW Education Department’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) program director.

In just under three years, he oversaw the delivery of 4660 projects, valued at $3.45 billion.

Now, with a permanent base in Wollongong, Dawson has been contracted by Health Infrastructure, to oversee the $106 million redevelopment works at Wollongong Hospital.

In the few years he has lived in Wollongong, Dawson says he has seen it transformed into a lively, highly liveable city that offers a more dynamic business environment.

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Minister announces review of Hunter Development Corporation

Source: ABC News

Date: 28/10/2015

The NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes has announced a review of the Hunter Development Corporation and made three new appointments to the board.

A new advisory committee has been formed to consider the operation of development corporations in New South Wales, including HDC.

The review committee will be headed up by former Honeysuckle Development Corporation general manager, Angus Dawson.

Ms Howard said she is confident the organisation will make it through the review process with flying colours.

“Look bearing in mind, that the review is of the organisation itself, and I welcome that” she said.

“I think an objective review of the corporation’s operations after this time is a mature and sensible approach to take.”

Ms Howard has previously been a member of the HDC board and said she is keen to be involved again.

“There’s still plenty to be done in the Hunter and I know the Corporation is very keen to get on with it.

“Including urban renewal for the city centre, the remediation works over on Kooragang and Mayfield, certainly some marketing and development of the remaining Honeysuckle land.

“So we’ve got a lot to do, and I’m very keen to start contributing.”

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What’s a fair price for property?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Date: 25/02/2006

ANGUS DAWSON has one of the most difficult jobs in this city. He has to work out who should pay for $7.8 billion of infrastructure for the massive new growth centres in western Sydney. Home buyers? Land owners and developers? Or should government borrow the money and repay it from general revenue? The impact of the decision Dawson makes and cabinet endorses will be huge, not just politically but for 170,000 home buyers over the next 25 years.

Dawson is chief executive officer of the Growth Centres Commission, a government agency responsible for the success of the new centres. They will be home to almost half a million people, making this one of the most important planning jobs in Australia’s history.

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