Angus Dawson – Director

Angus Dawson has worked in property development and commercial construction for over 30 years and has filled senior roles in private and public sector organisations in New South Wales, Queensland and the UK.  He has worked with every level of government and the private sector.

In government as CEO, Angus oversaw the $3.45 billion Building the Education Revolution in NSW delivering it on time and $100 million under budget. Angus established the Growth Centres Commission, resolving infrastructure, threatened species and rezoning 42,000 lots in two years. In Newcastle, Angus redirected the Honeysuckle Development Corporation to a success.

In the private sector, Angus founded Lansdown Homes, an integrated residential development company, and achieved a $70 million profitable turnover in the company’s second operational year. He was instrumental in bringing the development division of Urban Pacific (formally Pioneer Homes) to commercial profitability and has led projects such as Forest Lake and Silverpoint in Queensland and Moverly Green and Harrington Court in Sydney.

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John Zahnjohn-zahn Dawson James

John is an experienced professional with more than 30 years in the construction industry, and has
significant experience in senior business management and project and program delivery. During his career, John has successfully delivered major infrastructure projects and programs across a multitude of Government clients. Some who have benefited from John’s involvement are School Education, TAFE,
Police, Sydney Catchment Authority and Corrective Services.
John has numerous career highlights, many of which are high profile projects and programs. It is his ability to effectively manage, coupled with his communication skills and his understanding of NSW

Government framework and policies that have resulted in a career history of successfully delivered projects.

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NSW Government’s Performance and Management Scheme.


The Performance and Management Scheme allows agencies to appoint Dawson James at their pre-qualified rates by:

  • One written quote if the engagement estimate is up to or equal to $150,000
  • Three written quotes from pre-qualified service providers over $150,000.

Flow-on engagement cannot exceed the lesser of three times the value of the first engagement or $500,000.

Under the NSW Government’s Performance and Management Scheme, Dawson James in pre-qualified in the following Work Types:

  • Infrastructure and Major Projects
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Major Project Procurement and Delivery
    • Project Management
  • Organisational Capacity
    • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • General Technical Expertise
    • Project Governance and Management

For more information contact Dawson James or refer to the NSW Government Circular Premier & Cabinet Circular C2008-34

Honeysuckle Development Newcastle NSW Angus Dawson James

Public Sector Policy Areas of Expertise:

  • Policy Areas – Central Government

    • Policy

    • Legislation

    • Public Administration

  • Economic Services

  • Housing

Honeysuckle upgrade marina Angus Dawson James